Huck Finn Project

In concert with the 2005 Indiana Orthophotography Project, an education and outreach project was established inviting schools, communities, and youth organizations to create large outdoor artworks to be captured in photographs as planes flew overhead mapping the state.

The Huck Finn Project celebrated youth though fun and creative learning experiences that kids can really “own”. Through a series of lesson plans and activities, Indiana schools were invited to learn about art, geography, literature, math, science and government, history and their community while developing creative artworks to be captured in the IndianaMap.

  • Art – schools participate in art design competitions to develop artwork to be transferred onto outdoor surfaces to be captured in the Spring 2005 orthophotography. Through the “Paint Your Playground” students learn about color, composition, and scale. When the new orthophotography is available in the late fall of 2005 / early winter of 2006, art work will be displayed on the web in a specially designed mapping application. Selected art works will be formally exhibited at a number of forums through the state and nationally.
  • Geography – learn the basics of aerial imagery and map making and how maps are made and used in the 21st century. Grade-appropriate lesson plans focus on location, measurement, cartography, electronic map navigation, weather, and more!
  • Literature – advanced grades can learn more about one of America’s most noted author, Mark Twain, by retracing the steps of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn down the Mississippi River.
  • Math – use math skills as you learn the geometry of correcting the flat surfaces of photography to the round, hilly surfaces of the earth.
  • Science and Government – advanced lessons introduce students to geographic information systems – a technology that is emerging as an essential toolset for scientific discovery and the business of government – Why is the State orthophotography being flown? What is the IndianaMap?
  • History – learn about the evolution of “remote sensing” and aerial photography from the use of hot air balloons through satellite imagery.
  • Community – each school’s artwork can reflect a theme about their community.

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Partners: Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc. Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc. IndianaView at Purdue University Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University Access Indiana Information Network
Funded by: Alliance for Indiana

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Jill Saligoe-Simmel conceptualized the projects over cocktails with

  • Designed project and secured grant funding
  • Coordinated project team
  • Developed educational materials and supporting website