Indiana GIO Announcement

Press Release For Immediate Release October 29, 2007 Press Contact: Mehgan O’Connor 317.234.4589 317.979.0877

Governor Appoints State’s First Geographic Information Officer INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Chief Information Officer Gerry Weaver today announced Governor Mitch Daniels’ appointment of Jim Sparks as the state’s first Geographic Information Officer. Sparks, whose first day with the state is today, will oversee the coordination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) efforts across all state agencies and work with the Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc. (IGIC) to adopt and implement the state’s GIS data policies, standards and statewide data integration plan. GIS technology works by linking information stored in databases to a place or location on a map. Users query the data, which is presented in maps, tables and other graphic representations. Since 80% of all government information has a geographic component, the power of GIS can be widely used to support decision-making and problem-solving across all sectors – public, private and not-for-profit. Sparks, an experienced geography and mapping professional, has extensive knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) technology and experience in administration, policy development and planning. “Having a dedicated GIS expert in Indiana government pushes our capabilities to the next level,” said Weaver. “Working with the state’s current GIS talent, Sparks will create a consistent framework of statewide public maps and data for all levels of government that will help save lives and money and improve government efficiency.” To continue the coordination of enterprise information technology solutions that save the state, and ultimately taxpayers’, time and money, Sparks will report directly to Weaver, who oversees state IT.
About the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) – The Indiana Office of Technology is an internal service agency that was created by Governor Mitch Daniels on January 10, 2005. Its mission is to provide cost-effective, secure, consistent, reliable enterprise technology services to its partner agencies so they can better serve Hoosier taxpayers. For more information about IOT, please visit .