Indiana GIS Legislation Introduced

There is a GIS Bill in the Indiana Legislature this year – SB461. Yesterday was the first hearing in the Senate Economic Development and Technology Committee. It went well and passed 8-0 with a significant amendment. I’ve attached a link, but here is my own summary: * the focus of the Bill is on maintenance of the statewide base map (e.g. focus on the framework data – IGIC’s main priority) for support of stakeholder applications * removes the creation of a new council, and points to IGIC as an advisory body * removes creation of an office within the State Data Center and simply assigns it to the State Data Center (at the State Library) * assigns responsibility for a Board on Geographic Names * includes that development of the framework data does not apply to electronic map data identified as posing a security risk by the governor Today Senators Kruse and Mrvan were added as coauthors. It sounds like there may be a few amendments that will get recommended – as per comments from Dave Coats, University Consortium (CUSIS), WTH Engineering, and Gerry Weaver (State CIO). I’m not sure the language that will be proposed or when that happens but will try and find out. Feb 28 is the last day for 3rd reading of bills in the Senate.