Keep Your Eye on the Geospatial Revolution Project

Whether you are a lone GIS technician or a large GIS company, education and outreach is an ongoing challenge for everyone in the geospatial industry. The Geospatial Revolution Project was announced about a month ago and I was overly impressed with the goals and production value. It was too bad the wait-time was going to be long for final production. Today I received news that the GRP team will release short video segments throughout the life of the project rather than waiting for them all at the end. They are starting today by making the trailer downloadable. This is a high-quality video that will be useful with the general public and decision-makers (and family members who haven’t got it yet ;). Think about ways you might include the video clip in your community presentations, GIS day, school outreach, or the “About GIS” section of your website. See below for details – what a fantastic resource.
georev Dear Friends of the Geospatial Revolution Project,

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to Penn State Public Broadcasting’s new public education initiative—the Geospatial Revolution Project. The conversations and exchange of ideas within the geospatial community have been tremendous and we are eager to work with you on maintaining project momentum. To that end, we wanted to brief you on the latest project developments.

Cutting-Edge Production Model—Based on your feedback, we are announcing an exciting change in our production plans. We realize that time is of the essence. Therefore, we will use the Web to release 8 video episodes—each 7 minutes or so—on an ongoing basis over the lifespan of the project. This new model allows us to accomplish several goals that are important to all of us:
· We will start releasing segments as they are produced—no need to wait for the final production;
· Broader audiences will be reached by engaging people where they are and how they want their media—online and through flexible and more immediate distribution platforms;
· Educational media tools will be available as episodes are released for outreach partners and the public to use;
· And, by releasing videos episodically, we will be able to better reflect emerging trends in geospatial technology.

In keeping with this new model, we are releasing a downloadable version of the Geospatial Revolution Project trailer on our web site today. Go to to download.

Outreach Education—The outreach initiatives around our new production model will focus on digital learning tools for K-12 education and media content that will support work force development, local government and policy applications, civic engagement, and public understanding of this complex issue.

Fundraising—As of today, we are in the fundraising phase for the project. Production will begin as soon as we have reached our funding threshold of $500,000. To produce all of the planned episodes and the culminating one- hour documentary, fundraising will continue throughout the project. However, in order to receive recognition in the credits from the very first episode, we are encouraging funders to come on board early. You can learn more about fundraising and underwriting opportunities by contacting us at .

We will continue to update you on important milestones and developments. With your support, we look forward to an early production start and to sharing this amazing project with all of you.

The Geospatial Revolution Team

Elaine Brzycki, M.Ed.
Project Manager and Funding Relations

Lindsey Faussette, B.A.
Project Associate

Melanie K. Doebler, D.Ed.
Funding Executive