Mapdiva to Make New Mapping Software for the Mac

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Mapdiva, LLC, a partnership among Graham Cox and Jill Saligoe-Simmel, to develop Ortelius™ – powerful map illustration software for Mac OS X. Ortelius is characterized by its ease of use and beautiful graphics capabilities for which Macs are known. Our new company anticipates the release Ortelius in the first quarter of 2009.



0 thoughts on “Mapdiva to Make New Mapping Software for the Mac

  • Richard Brummett says:

    Dr. Jill,

    Please sign me up for a copy of Ortelius as soon as you are ready to release it. Beta, Basic, or Professional. Whatever you have I need it ASAP.

    Right now I am making maps for a history book on the Viet Nam War. I hope Ortelius has the ability to enter an abandoned railroad line. Blown up bridges a plus.

    Thank you for developing this software. It will meet a large need.

    Richard Brummett

  • Thanks Richard, we are getting very close to our launch date and will certainly let you know! Ortelius is really shaping up. I can say with certainty making custom symbols is easy and fun. You should be able to draw in abandoned rail lines and blown up bridges with no problem. The book sounds fascinating; looking forward to learning more. Thanks for your note – Jill

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