IndianaMap Awarded First Prize at FOSS4G for Open Data

The IndianaMap was awarded first place at the 2014 FOSS4G, September 11, 2014 Portland, Oregon.

The IndianaMap is composed of over 300 laters of open geospatial data. It was recently recognized as a “Notable Document” by the American Library Association and serves as an example of local, regional, and state data sharing. Web Feature Services are harvested monthly from counties and assembled as statewide layers distributed through the IndianaMap. The data partnership has resulted in nearly statewide coverage of parcels, address points, local jurisdiction boundaries, and street centerlines where data stewardship remains at the local authoritative level.

The IndianaMap won in the category of best open source data integration:

16 notable maps were called out in 8 different categories.

  • Best open source data integration. Awarded to the map which makes the most innovative use of open source data. the map need not use a wide variety of sources or be entirely composed of open data sources but the open source component must be well marshaled, purposeful and a core component of the final map.

View the IndianaMap

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IndianaMap submission by Justin Peters (Indiana Geological Survey), Indiana Geographic Information Council, State of Indiana GIO.