State Geographic Information Offices Relationship with State Census Data Centers

There are a number of models across the US of where the state Geographic Information Office is located/affiliated. I was interested in which states have their Geographic Information Office co-located with (or formally part of) their State Census Data Center. I conducted an informal poll of NSGIC State members/representatives.

The following 6 states indicated their Geographic Information/GIS Office is formally affiliated with their State Census Data Center: •    CO (in same department – Co Dept of Local Affairs) •    DE •    HI (in same department – Dept of Planning) •    MN (both in Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis •    MS •    RI (in same department) Among the states that are not formally affiliated, 13 indicated they have close coordination among their offices. A common theme among all states responding was that they now need to coordinate much better than in the past due to the increased emphasis on GIS for the decennial Census, the Local Update Census Address program (LUCA) and TIGER map modernization.

___ Geographic Information Office affiliations range from being located in their state Natural Resources agency, Information Technology, Department of Administration, or as a separate not-for-profit, located at a university, and more (i.e., there is no single model – see chart below). Most offices are formally established through legislation and/or executive order. Note also of 49 states responding about the scope of their Geographic Information coordination, nearly 70% indicated their responsibility was statewide in scope (as opposed to State Agency responsibility only). Source: NSGIC State Summaries, 2006